Lori Kelly

 Lori Kelly
  • 4th & 5th Grade
  • lkelly@bluejacket.k12.ok.us
Hi!  I am Lori Kelly!  I teach the Fourth Grade.  I also teach 5th Grade Writing, while Ms. Mustain comes to my class to teach Science.

However, we should probably start from the beginning.  In my early years I.... (ok, just kidding)  wink

I have been teaching here in Bluejacket for eight years!!  Holy cow!  Time flies!  I have taught fourth grade for the last six years.  I absolutely love it!  Not to brag, but I was voted The Best Fourth Grade Home Room Teacher for five years running now.  (don't think about that too hard, because then it won't be as impressive)cheeky

I look forward to spending the year with your kids!  We will learn many new and exciting things this year, as well as have some fun!

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