Middle/High School

8th -10th grade Plan for College Guide Link below!  What's your plan?  

All Chieftain Middle and High School Students will be working in their daily Encore classes on their future endeavors!  Oklahoma Career Guide is a site that will be accessed weekly and it will provide useful information and guidance for students as they determine what life will be like after Bluejacket School!  Student ICAP or Individualized Career and Academic Plan is a topic we will be discussing and hearing a lot about in the future for Chieftains.  There will be a big life and world for Chieftain students after Bluejacket Public School!  One of our goals is to prepare our students for it!

Career Tech links below are also great resources for students, parents and educators to access when thinking about the future!  "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  These sites can help determine careers and occupations students may not have ever even heard of or considered!

Class Officers

2020-2021 Bluejacket Chieftains High School Class Officers

12th Grade:

President-Shelbie Baker

Vice President-Taci Mitchell

Sec/Treas-Zayden Hatzenbuehler

Reporter-Abigail Brewster

STUCO-Dacee Highley & Parker Shaffer

11th Grade:

President-Ella Bluejacket

Vice President-Gracie Brewster

Treas-Harley Lee

Secretary-Brianna Ruberstell

Reporter-Makyela Allen

STUCO-Brianna Ruberstell & Kadan Tipton

10th Grade:

President-Gracee Simpson

Vice President-Anna Nair

Sec/Treas-Kip Brown

Reporter-Brooke Moss

STUCO-Gracee Simpson & Cody McVay

9th Grade:

President-- Kaylee Beehler

VP-- Ty Tucker

Sec/Treasurer-- Trinity Gordon

Reporter-- Lauren Stinnett

Stuco-Kolten Hicks & Mahayla Estes