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Dear Faculty, Parents and Students of Bluejacket Public School:                         June 29, 2020

The 2020-2021 school year will be here before we know it!  We have changed our way of life since the Spring of 2020.  Our vision for the upcoming school year is different than any other year.  We will be rolling out a new educational plan for our Chieftains.  The revised school calendar is included with this newsletter.  Please notice the addition of what we’re calling “Blended Learning Days” or “BLDs”.  We have nine Blended Learning Days built into our calendar for the upcoming school year.  This is an actual counted school day.  However, it will have some flexibility as we move forward with our Chieftain virtual learning exposure.

On BLDs, school buses will run, our cafeteria will be open and all staff will be at school.  However, students in grades 1st-12th may opt to receive their schooling at home, with administrative approval.  Please understand that attendance will be taken throughout the BLDs and students will be required to complete school work on these nine days.   Internet hot spots will be available for student checkout.  Chromebooks will also be assigned to students for use during the regular school day and on these BLDs.  However, students and parents must commit to school on these days!  It is not a day off!

These BLDs will provide opportunities for intense remediation.  It can also be utilized for a time of enrichment and special projects.  This calendar flexibility will allow our students and staff to become more and more familiar with distance learning, should we be required to close our physical school buildings like we experienced in March.  While we hope for a normal school year, we just never know what may surface and we must be prepared for anything now and the future.  The education of our Chieftains is the top priority of our school system.  It is our duty and responsibility to ensure that a proper education is provided for all of our Bluejacket students.   But it takes all of us to get this done!  It is a commitment from administration, teachers, staff, parents, guardians and of course our students.  Education is an investment; time and effort must be put into it in order for it to pay off!

Our Goals for this new educational format will be: 1.  Provide intense, small group, remediation to all students currently working below level.  2.  Provide enrichment opportunities for all students.  3.  Be better prepared for future possible school closures, with students’ understanding and fluently working in an online classroom platform.  If you have questions with this new format, please let our Admin Team know.    We want communication to be 100% transparent and for everyone to fully understand what will be expected as we move into this new time in the world of education.  Enjoy your last few weeks of summer.  Please remember to exercise your bodies and brains and we’ll see everyone in August!


BPS Admin Team

May 2020 - 
     School is out for summer!  It was certainly not the grand exit we had planned.  But flexibility is important and we all proved to have a lot of it!  The Junior/Senior Prom is set for Friday, May 29 @ Rustic Oaks from 7:30-10:30pm.  The Class of 2020 Graduation will have commencement on Saturday, June 13 @ 2pm.   For our promoters, we will celebrate those students in August before school begins for the 2020-2021 school year.   
     We are waiting on guidance through the summer to see how our new school year will begin.  For now we are going to use the school calendar that the School Board adopted in February. (See image below.). Please understand that changes may be made to the calendar, the school day, the school setting, just to name a few possibilities.  We're hoping for life to resume to normalcy;  however, we're thinking there may be a new normal for the world.
      We'll keep everyone posted on current situations and changes when they come up.  Be sure and follow our school FaceBook page.  Also know the superintendent office is open through the summer on Mondays-Thursdays from 9am-3pm.  You're always welcome to call.  Hang in there for now!  Enjoy your summer!  Continue to Read & Exercise your brains and bodies! 

BPS Admin Team
Shellie Baker, Supt./HS Prin/Counselor 918-784-2365
Amy Rogers, Elem. Prin.
Tracy Mendez, MS Prin.

April 2020 - 
Who knew that we would be bringing you an education via virtual/paper packet the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year?  This COVID-19 virus pandemic has turned our entire world upside down!  We hope and pray that our Chieftains are safe and sound and are following safeguard regulations as we navigate through these uncertain times.  Health and Wellness of our Bluejacket Community is of utmost importance!  
All Chieftain teachers will be contacting their students to get ready for our April 6 - First Day of School!  
  Students need to be sure and check their emails and be ready for what will be expected of them and their responsibility to finish out the school year.  We will continue to update our Bluejacket Public School Facebook Page with important information.  If you aren't following the page, please do so.  REMIND will also continue to send out text messages for those that have signed up.   
       If you have questions, comments or concerns during this time, please feel free to reach out to admin.  We are all doing the best we can and hope and pray that it will engage Chieftains enough to exercise their brains and bodies as we finish out the school year.  Thank you for your patience and support.  We sincerely miss all of our students and families and want all of you to know that we're only a phone call, email or message away from your needs!  Hang tough and know that tomorrow is a new and better day!
BPS Admin Team
Shellie Baker, Supt./HS Prin/Counselor
Amy Rogers, Elem. Prin.
Tracy Mendez, MS Prin.

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OK SDE Covid-19 updates & FAQs

 Here is the upcoming approved 2020-2021 Chieftain Calendar for planning purposes.

Oklahoma School Report Card

Accountability Update: Oklahoma School Report Card Dashboard

The Office of Accountability is reaching out to remind schools that if they have not already posted the link to the Oklahoma School Report Card: on their school website that under the ESSA, beginning with information from the 2017-2018 school year, report cards must be posted annually on SEA and LEA websites. (ESEA section 1111(h) (1) (A), (B)(iii) and (h)(2)(A), (B)(iii)). At the core of the Oklahoma School Report Cards is the belief that all students can grow and all schools can improve. While no student report card tells the full story of a child, no school report card tells the full story of a school. Education is far more than a single score or letter grade, but it is important that families and communities can see both strengths and areas that need support and improvement.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Accountability at (405) 522-5169 or  You may also contact the Bluejacket School administration regarding the school report card information.

Reminder: 24/7 Tobacco-Free Schools Act

House Bill 1685, also known as the 24/7 Tobacco-Free Schools Act, went into effect August 20, 2015. It requires that schools be tobacco-free 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This law prohibits the use of tobacco in any form while on school grounds and during any school-sponsored functions held off campus.  Bluejacket Public School has been tobacco free since 2012.  Please refrain from the use of any tobacco product, including vaping.  Thank you!

It is the mission of Bluejacket Public Schools to prepare ALL students
to succeed in a continually changing environment
through mastery of core curriculum, technology skills and essential citizenship traits.

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