Scholarship Information

Free Application to Federal Student Aid

Note: All students must file FAFSA using parent tax information before gaining any kind of financial aid. Many scholarships also call for FAFSA's to be on file. These should be filed as soon as possible!  They open on October 1st!  Be very careful that you are using the correct website!  There are many sites that are loan companies and that file your FAFSA for a fee!  Do not fall for any gimmick or scheme!  If you need any help filling them out, come and see Mrs. Baker!  I've filled out a ton of them for students and I'm always glad to help out!

**SY24--> The FAFSA is going through an overhaul.  Expect all deadlines on scholarships to be delayed as the FAFSA doesn't open until December 2023.**

Oklahoma's Promise

Note: Oklahoma's Promise students must have applied before the end of their tenth grade year. Students are encouraged to apply as early as their 8th grade year. If they do not meet requirements during any year, families should re-apply through 11th grade. Circumstances change and financial requirements in the program are also adjusted.  Plus all Cherokee Students check out the Cherokee Promise Link for guidelines on this scholarship opportunity for Native Americans!

Scholarship Corner

The Oklahoma State Regents provides many scholarship opportunities for graduating high school seniors. Check out the Scholarship Corner link for more information and also access for a lot more useful continuing education materials.

The link above provides assistance with many grant opportunities!

CATHY LANGLEY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - 3.0 GPA, application and requested documents.  $1000 scholarship available, or prize money to be determined:  college, university or trade school applicants accepted.  Deadline:  APRIL 1

AFR COUNTY LOCAL MATCH SCHOLARSHIP 2022 - 3.0 minimum GPA, application and requested documents, specifically AFR member.  up to $1000 matching scholarship available.  Contact:  John Millikan at the Secondine Insurance Agency (918) 256-6682   Deadline:  APRIL 30

EDWARDS LAW FIRM - 2.5 GPA, form & 1500 word essay required onsite.  $1500 scholarship available.  Deadine:  NOVEMBER

FIRE - 800-1000 word Essay contest available for Juniors & Seniors.  $10,000, $5,000 and three $1,000 scholarships available.  Deadine:  January 1

American Legion Scholarship  Deadline: April 1

Craig County Cattlemen's Scholarship ($1000 scholarship available) Deadline: April

Craig General Hospital Healthcare Career Scholarship  Deadline: May 1

NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA RURAL ELECTRICAL COOP SCHOLARSHIP - ($1000 scholarship available to Northeast Oklahoma REC customers only) Deadline: March

Vietnam Veterans Deadline: May  - Applications in Counselor's office Find Free money for colleges around the globe - various deadlines

Oklahoma Retired Teachers - See Mrs. Baker for scholarship application.

Wendy's High School Heisman Deadline: October

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation  Deadline - Various ones on the website

Insurance Scholarships

Scholarship - Deadlines - Various ones on the website

Scholarship - Deadlines - Various ones on the website

Northeast Oklahoma Board of Realtors Scholarship Program    Minimum GPA of 2.5, college, university or trade school applicants accepted  Due:  March 15

Frances Koop Parsons / AT&T Pioneers Memorial Scholarship 

Washington Crossing Foundation Deadline: January

Verplank Foundation  - Annual $10,000 Scholarship for students with Type I Diabetes -  Deadline: March

Oklahoma JCI Senate Club  - Deadline: December

Society of Petroleum Engineers - Scholarship for students studying petroleum engineering- Deadline: -March 15

Horatio Alger Association Deadline: October

Wal-Mart Community Scholarship Deadline: January-December

OCPA  - Deadline: February

The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs Citizenship Essay Contest tuition scholarship

Oklahoma Rural Rehabilitation Corporation Scholarship Deadline: April 15

OSIG - Oklahoma Schools Insurance Groups Deadline: March

Dream Institute 


Craig County Retired Educators Association - Deadline: April - See Mrs. Baker for application.

American Legion Dale Peace Post 40 - Deadline: May

Buick Achievers Scholarship Program Deadline: February

Jason C. Wagner Foundation- Deadline: May

Oklahoma City Community Foundation- Deadline: Various - March, April & June

Sutton Award Scholarships - Deadline: February


The Hagan Scholarship - DEADLINE: DECEMBER 1ST - Deadline: December 31ST 


High Five Scholarships

Sixt Scholarship Site

Sixt provides an annual nationwide scholarship that will be awarded to 5 students at $5,000 toward their study at any 2 or 4 year accredited university.   Deadline: NOVEMBER

Oklahoma Hall of Fame Scholarship - Deadline: September

January deadline for submission

Here are some of the best scholarship programs for Native Americans: (Suggested by Mandy Scott, Cherokee Nation)

Scholarships & Information

Cherokee Nation Education Corporation Deadline March

Cherokee Nation Undergraduate Scholarship Deadline June

Scholarship for Cherokee students seeking Bachelor's Degree. Students seeking certificate program or Associates degree need to contact Career Services at 918-453-5555.

Cherokee Nation GRADUATE ONLY Scholarship Deadline June

Scholarship for Cherokee graduate students only.

CN Education Resources Deadline March

Johnson O'Malley Chief Earl Old Person Scholarship Deadline March

Native American Based Scholarships - 2020-2021

The American Indian College Fund provides an opportunity for Native Americans to get a sponsored college education. They fund students attending tribal colleges and mainstream colleges to pursue undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supports the cause of promoting education among disadvantaged communities. Gates Millennium Scholars is a very competitive scholarship that aims at helping students with outstanding talent but who lack enough financial aid to pursue their education.

Catching the Dream is formatted in a similar way to the Gates Millennium Scholars. It is highly competitive as well. They offer university scholarships for Native American tribes, community, and tribal organizations.

Association on American Indian Affairs is another institution that offers scholarships for Native Americans from federally recognized tribes.

COLLEGE & CAREER RESOURCES FOR INDIGENOUS STUDENTS C R E A T E D B Y C O U R T N E Y T E N N E L L, 2 0 21 IN OKLAHOMA --> This guidebook has information for all tribes identified in the state of Oklahoma!  Refer to it often as you are preparing for life after high school!

Local College/University scholarships:

Rogers State University Deadline: March 1

RSU Honors Program information  Deadline: February 1

Oklahoma State University Deadline: February 1

Alpha Gamma Rho: Bob Oehrtman Scholarship - Oklahoma State freshmen men only - Applications in counselor's office - Deadline: April

Crowder College

University of Central Oklahoma - Deadline: February 1st

University of Oklahoma - Scholarship - Deadline: February 1st

Click on GUS  the PSU Gorilla for more information on Pittsburg State University!

This site provides monthly scholarship updates.  Check it out every month!  Put a timer on your cell phone for the 1st day of every month and continue to check back!

ALL Scholarship due dates vary.

Clink the underlined links to access the direct sites.

Feel free to contact Mrs. Baker for more information: 918-784-2133.