Ronnie Simmons

Ronnie Simmons

I am Ronnie Simmons, I graduated from Welch High School in 1996 and attended NEO. I completed my Associates Degree from NEO in 1998 and received my Bachelors Degree from NSU in 2002. I currently teach MS&HS Social Studies and History. Currently I am head Football, Powerlifting, and MS Track coach. I am married to Kassi Simmons and have two daughters Tori Brooke and Mersadies Hope.

Daily Schedule

1st Hr 8:10-9:10 7th Geography

2nd Hr 9:14-10:14 8th American History

3rd Hr 10:18-11:18 9th Govt./OK History

11:18-11:43 MS Lunch &HS Encore Freshmen

11:43-12:08 HS Lunch & MS Encore

4th Hr 12:12-1:12 Plan

5th Hr 1:16-2:16 MS Gym

6th Hr 2:20-3:15 HS Gym